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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

Johan Kullstam put forth on 2/23/2010 7:26 AM:

> After having trouble with the Realtek motherboard built-in ethernet, I
> just sprung for a PCI Intel ethernet.  They are only like $30.

Goto Newegg and look at all the cards.  You can get a PCI GigE Realtek card
for $7.  Seven f--king USD.  That's 1/4 the price of the cheapest Intel PCI
GigE card.  Look at ICs in volume, and the pricing on the RTL 816x chips is
less than $1, the Intel chips a few dollars.

Considering how important network connectivity is today, why would someone
spend $7 for an el crapo ethernet device when they can spend $30 and know
they'll probably never have a problem with it?

> I hate Realtek ethernet, but it is very hard to find a motherboard with
> anything else on it.  Thanks for the information.

They're integrated on so darn many motherboards because they're so $deity
damn cheap.  This is exactly the reason you see so few mobos with Intel
ethernet on board-- it's not cheap.  Most boards with Intel ethernet onboard
are server and workstation boards, and some high end enthusiast desktop mobos.

The old adage is still true:  "You get what you pay for."


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