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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

Peter Tenenbaum put forth on 2/21/2010 10:01 PM:
> Stan --
> It sounds like, if the Realtek drivers are not present on the Debian
> distribution, I have at least two options:  going to the Realtek site and
> downloading their linux 64 bit drivers, or compiling my own kernel from
> source on kernel.org.  Does that sound about right?
> As far as video cards are concerned, I have a (probably) ignorant question:
> how do I put the integrated northbridge video support to use on these
> motherboards, since they do not appear to have any video output spigots on
> them?

Given the length of one of my recent posts, you may have missed this at the
bottom.   To save yourself a lot of potential headache getting Debian
installed and running, and keeping it running, you should really get this
Intel motherboard, and not the Gibabyte or any others, specifically due to
the onboard Intel Pro 1000 GigE chip.  It'll give superior performance
compared to either the Realtek or Marvell, and you'll never have a
compatibility issue with it WRT Linux/Debian drivers.  The Realtek
8111/8168/8169 has had such recent problems.


I've never heard of a Linux problem relating to an Intel ethernet chip.
They're just rock solid.  I use nothing else in my Debian servers due to
problems with DEC 211x0 chips and some 3COM chips in the past.  3COM used to
be the gold standard, but as I said, I had Linux problems with some 3C59x
and 3C90x cards and switched to Intel.  I've never looked back.


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