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Re: Debian 5 server - auto-reconnect to wireless networks?

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 12:55:24PM +0100, Mirko Parthey wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 04:46:51PM +0000, chombee wrote:
> > I'm wondering how to get my Debian server to automatically reconnect to
> > my wireless network. The server is an OLPC XO-1 running Debian 5 Stable
> > via the DebXO distribution. It does not have a wired ethernet port, it
> > connects to the internet through my home wireless network. The wireless
> > router occasionally gets restarted, sometimes when I'm not home, and
> > this requires me to physically go to the laptop to manually reconnect
> > either by operating the network manager applet with the mouse or by
> > running a script that uses ifconfig, iwconfig and dhclient.
> The network manager package description says it "is not intended for
> usage on servers".  If you want an interface to be permanently up,
> without even logging in, you should set it up in
> /etc/network/interfaces.
> Check out /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.modes.gz from the
> wpasupplicant package. Your case should be covered by section 2:
> "Mode #1: Managed Mode".

Thanks for the wpasupplicant link. But it looks a little complicated and
made me realise that I just want network-manager to work. The machine in
question is not really a server, it's a laptop, when I said it was my
'home server' all I meant was I leave my laptop turned on 24/7 sitting
on my desk, I ssh to it often, and it has a static IP so I can ssh to it
over the internet. I think network manager (when working correctly) is
actually perfect for it, it should keep the connection to my home
wireless network alive, but it's also very easy and convenient for other
situations when I wouldn't want to be messing around with wpasupplicant
config files, like if I'm travelling and decide to take the laptop with
me, if my girlfriend borrows it, etc.

The problem is that network manager is not automatically connecting to
the network as it should do.

I've installed the newer version of network-manager from backports.org
and so far this seems to have fixed the problem, but we'll see.

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