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Re: LDAP: possible problems with user authentication

I have been searching for some tools (free software tools) and i have found some:

Apache Directory Server: looks good but i dont like the java stuff. "Apache Directory Server is an open source LDAP directory server implemented in java."

GOsa: looks very good and development in php, could be a good choice, i think

WBSAgnitio: (from Spain) looks good too and it's being implemting in the public administration.. it's like a complete OS with a web interface.

or maybe Fedora Directory Server, RedHat/CentOS directory... maybe a RedHat server may not be a problem to work with Debian servers ¿?

2010/2/23 Germana Oliveira <germanaoliveirab@gmail.com>
So, you're telling me that ADS/LDAP do the same thing you can do just with LDAP (without the interface) .. i mean, a directory service. Groups, rights and security is manage by the OS itself ¿?.

What Active Directory does is to give you the facility to manage all those things together?
But with Debian for example, and without AD, you can do it separately ¿? am i close?

Well i have to read a LOT.


2010/2/22 Alex Samad <alex@samad.com.au>
On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 05:31:57PM -0400, Germana Oliveira wrote:
> i just forgot something.
> AD manage the (user) permissions and groups stuff: Like - this user can
> access to this printer or that user can not use pen drive - and i haven`t
> found yet something like that in free Software, or something similar in LDAP
> or with LDAP (openLdap)

You are mixing things up.  ADS/LDap is a directory service, what you do
with that information is up to you.

ADS has a nice gui interface to place users in to groups.

The filesystem and security engine of windows determines access/rights.

> Someone have some idea
> 2010/2/22 Germana Oliveira <germanaoliveirab@gmail.com>
> > We are really convince that OpenLDAP is way better choice than Active
> > Directory, most if we  already decide that Debian is going to be our Servers
> > OS...
> >
> > i have been googling about openLdap problems and found nothing very
> > difficult or weird, most of then are user problems: bad configurations, etc.
> >
> > but really hopping you can tell me more about your experience, personal and
> > with professional (implementations in: industries, commercial, corporations,
> > organizations)
> >

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Germana Oliveira

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Germana Oliveira

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