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Re: LDAP: possible problems with user authentication

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 05:31:57PM -0400, Germana Oliveira wrote:
> i just forgot something.
> AD manage the (user) permissions and groups stuff: Like - this user can
> access to this printer or that user can not use pen drive - and i haven`t
> found yet something like that in free Software, or something similar in LDAP
> or with LDAP (openLdap)

You are mixing things up.  ADS/LDap is a directory service, what you do
with that information is up to you.

ADS has a nice gui interface to place users in to groups.

The filesystem and security engine of windows determines access/rights.

> Someone have some idea
> 2010/2/22 Germana Oliveira <germanaoliveirab@gmail.com>
> > We are really convince that OpenLDAP is way better choice than Active
> > Directory, most if we  already decide that Debian is going to be our Servers
> > OS...
> >
> > i have been googling about openLdap problems and found nothing very
> > difficult or weird, most of then are user problems: bad configurations, etc.
> >
> > but really hopping you can tell me more about your experience, personal and
> > with professional (implementations in: industries, commercial, corporations,
> > organizations)
> >

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