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Re: how to convince that debian is one the three major choices for a stable server environment?

On 22/02/2010 15:27, Celejar wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:10:19 +0000
> Michal <michal@ionic.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Well, we 're not Google or Facebook, and we would like to stick with
>>> linux...
>> I'm not 100% sure what that has to do with anything...I'm taking a a
>> guess at maybe your thinking of high performance web sites in which case
>> it has a lot of uses over just that, if that's what you think.
> Google and Facebook, being among the highest profile of internet
> enterprises, are probably huge hacking targets, and security on their
> 'net facing systems (and the rest of them) is obviously crucial, since
> their data is important, and they would suffer terribly (in the sense
> of losing user trust) if hackers stole it.
> Celejar

ok...but security is as important to a small 10 man company to a huge
1000 man company. You should still care about security, and in fact if
you think about it the rewards maybe be easier (in some cases) to obtain
if it's financial you are after.

But anyway this is all a bit OT, and maybe I shouldn't have said
anything in the first place

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