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Re: Intel Atom Processor

Stefan Monnier put forth on 2/16/2010 9:34 AM:
>>> Which architecture should I use for an Intel Atom Processor?
>> It depends on the exact model.
>> There are some Atom micros supporting 64 bits (amd64) but the vast 
>> majority don't (just 32 bits, so i386 is required), so better check first 
>> the serial number.
> Don't bother checking: since you had to ask the question, you won't care
> whether you run a 64bit or 32bit kernel, and since those processors
> don't support much more than 2GB anyway, there's no point running
> a 64bit kernel.
> I.e. just use your regular 32bit Intel install (i386/x86/i686/IA32 or
> whichever name you like to use to refer to it).


As a bonus, due to various architectural reasons I won't delve into, 32bit
binaries will usually run slightly faster than the 64 bit cousins, and they'll
take up a little bit less disk space.


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