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Re: Gammu|Wammu with Motorola RZR V3

On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 07:36:47 +0000 (UTC), Camaleón in gmane.linux.debian.user wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 18:42:50 -0500, S. Fishpaste wrote:
>> I'm attempting to get Gammu to read my Razor via USB data cable. The
>> phone is mounted; I can see this by issuing 'lsusb | grep Motorola'
>> which returns;
>> 	Bus 001 Device 003: ID 22b8:4902 Motorola PCS Triplet GSM Phone 
> (AT)
>> My question is how do I get Wammu to see it. I used the manual config
>> wizard as well as the guided one to no avail. It seems it expects a
>> device listing in the form of; '/dev/ttyS0' which isn't applicable it
>> seems anymore.
>> Hopefully there are some folks around that have some experience with
>> this software and can help me.
> I tested it once with my Motorola K1 and that time was detected under "/
> dev/ttyACM0". The phone can be configured to act (to be detected) as "usb 
> flash drive" or "data connection" (modem). To use it with wammu it has to 
> be configured as the latter.
> Just plug the phone into usb port and type "dmesg" in a terminal (gnom-
> terminal, xterm...) to see what is going on.

Dunno why I didn't think of dmesg myself; but you were right. The dev
is listed at '/dev/ttyACMO'. It turned out to be a permission issue;
although one would think the post-installation script might have
configured it properly? Anyway I chowned it to the proper user group
and voila it worked.

Thanks to both of you for responding.

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