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Re: Having Grub2 use UUID instead of (hd0,1)?

* Tom H <tomh0665@gmail.com> [2010 Jan 09 23:56 -0600]:

> Apologies for the delayed reply. I do not understand your hda message
> when upgrading grub2 and if running grub-mkdevicemap gives you an sda
> map. Did you run grub-mkdevicemap while booted with Sidux running and
> upgrade grub2 with Debian running?

I did both while running the Sidux kernel in place of the Debian one. 
That is the only Sidux package I am using.  The error seems harmless as
I recently upgraded the grub-pc package, saw the same HDA error, but
grub.cfg was properly written and booting worked as normal.

Regardless, I think my original problem was an incorrect device.map for
the Sidux kernel.  Once that was corrected, all seems to work.

- Nate >>


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