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RE: domain redirection how?

There's two issues at play here.
1. DNS: I don't think you can CNAME a domain like that. For example, you can't CNAME example.com but you can CNAME somehost.example.com. You have to assign your domain the same A record as your other domain. Bind should be spitting out errors if you try to CNAME like that. Check to make sure that the domain is first resolving properly. I'd do something like "dig @ yourdomain.com". I use an outside DNS so that I can see what results DNS servers are receiving when querying your server, assuming your server is authoritative.
2. Virtual hosts: You need to modify your configuration of apache to add the virtual host to be the same as the one you have.
Without either, it won't work. If you're still stuck and don't mind giving us your two domains, it'll be easier to determine whether it's a virtual host issue or a DNS issue.

From: Tudod Ki [mailto:tudodki88@yahoo.com]
Sent: January 1, 2010 7:00 AM
To: Debian User
Subject: domain redirection how?

I want to redirect a domain: 




so I edit the "somedomain.eu.hosts" file with vim [appending this two line to the end]:

somedomain      IN      CNAME       tothis.eu.

then I update the serial, save the file, quit, then:

rndc reload somedomain.eu

but it still doesn't work.
how could I redirect the domain with "$ORIGIN"?

do I have to enable something in apache [e.g.: enable the redirection]?

both domain is mine [on this server]


apache                     1.3.34-4.1 
bind9                      9.3.4-2etch3

os: Debian Etch

Thank you! :)

Or any docs/howtos please?

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