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Re: Lenny -> Squeeze Not Upgrading

On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 11:38:36AM -0800, chris kerr wrote:

Err http://debian.crosslink.net squeeze Release.gpg Cannot initiate the connection to 8118:80 ( - connect (22 Invalid argument)
Sounds like your DNS resolver / resolving server is broken ( is a reserved IP address, i.e. invalid). Check /etc/resolv.conf and the output of "ping -n debian.crosslink.net".

BTW: debian.crosslink.net is a CNAME referencing another CNAME (debian.crosslink.net. -> thay.crosslink.net. -> ftp.us.debian.org.) which is discouraged by RFC1034 (section 3.6.2). If you're using some embedded device ("broadband router") as resolving server it might be choking on this construction.

CU Sascha


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