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Re: domain redirection how?

Tudod Ki <tudodki88@yahoo.com> very impatiently asked:
> I want to redirect a domain "somedomain.eu" to "tothis.eu"

Reading further, it seems you mean "redirection" in the context of an
apache based website. So...

> so I edit the "somedomain.eu.hosts" file with vim [appending this two
> line to the end]:
> $ORIGIN eu.somedomain      IN      CNAME       tothis.eu.

That seems a very strange thing to do, given it's not possible to mix
CNAME and other types of DNS record.

In file tothis.eu:
	$ORIGIN tothis.eu
	@		A

In file somedomain.eu:
	$ORIGIN somedomain.eu
	@		A	; Or elsewhere

Now within the apache configuration relating to the somedomain.eu target,
you need a (virtual) host that forces a web redirect to the new target:

    <VirtualHost *>
    	ServerName somedomain.eu
    	Redirect permanent http://tothis.eu/

> Or any docs/howtos please?

Did you search for any?

http://httpd.apache.org/ is a good reference for Apache stuff.


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