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SOLVED: vmplayer dying on lenny/amd64

On 3 Sep 2009, at 10:42, michael wrote:

I've recently upgraded my amd64 box from etch to lenny. I had been using VMware's free vmplayer on etch (to run a WinXP guest) without problems.
However, under lenny (with an un-install and then a new install of
vmplayer by running VMware-Player-2.5.3-185404.x86_64.bundle) I've had a
few problems and was wondering if anybody could advise?

a) vmplayer sometimes says the CMOS is wrong

b) vmplayer frequently hangs - lots of cpu usage, not disk bound, but
unresponsive (can occasionally click on XP's start or a program but
nothing happens)

Thanks, Michael

I binned my guest image, grabbed a copy of a known-working one, and been fine since.
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