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Re: Removing the indent-string quote marker '>' in emails.

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 05:26:40AM +0000, s. keeling wrote:
> John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org>:
> >  Celejar writes:
> > > What's wrong with using technical solutions to solve social problems?
> > 
> >  Shooting them is a technical solution.  Strangling them would be a
> >  social one.
> Damn, I love your posts.
> Sorry, but shooting them is a philosophical problem first ("Should
> we?").  Then, it becomes technical ("Lock phasers on the heffalump,
> ...").

I'm thinking the recommended weapon for heffalumps is a popgun if they
aren't on the endangered list.  But I am not up on this.

Kind Regards,

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