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Re: alternate web browser etc...

On Fri, 2010-01-01 at 17:02 +0100, Bernard wrote:
> Hi to Everyone,
> I wish to install an alternate web browser, else than the firefox clone 
> (iceweasel v3.0.6) that I already have. Iceweasel does fulfill my needs 
> and expectations, but, for various reasons, I wish to also have 
> something else too, one of these reasons being that it would be 
> initiated with alternate identities, mail addresses etc.. In the 
> meantime, this would allow me to test something else, which is the 
> reason why I don't plan to install 'Netscape' which is about the same as 
> Firefox/Iceweasel, sometimes using same conf files, bookmarks and so on.

Gnome's browser epiphany comes to mind, it's also based on firefox IIRC.
Also have a look at galeon if you need an alternate.

> Why not 'Opera', even if it is not free (I doubt if it is very 
> expensive) ? I may miss the knowledge of something better that Opera...

I don't think opera needs to be registered any more, haven't looked at
it in a while though. There are debs for it at the opera website, it can
be added to sources.list and installed with apt-get or aptitude &
friends also. Not a bad browser too if you need another.

> As for newsgroups, I also wish to experiment something new. Up to now, I 
> have rarely used "Firefox" for usenet news, as I preferred "pan".  I've 
> heard of "pine"  for newsgroups, but I heard that it was kind of hard to 
> configure ; this may be wrong. For e-mail, I used to use "staroffice 
> mail" in the old days when that did exist (So 5.1 and 5.2), and, ever 
> since then, I am using Thunderbird, that is, Icedove on Debian Lenny. 
> Alternately, I plan to use 'mutt', which is already up and running on my 
> systems ever since 2005 or so, of which I have so far only made I an 
> irregular use. Willing to use it again, I lately spent some time 
> reconfiguring exim4, but it now seems to operate all right.

Pine is what I used many moons ago for mail & news. I suppose it might
be a bit old school now but it does work wonderfully. Good if you want a
console mail & news app. There is also tin for newsgroups, also maybe
old school but works well.

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