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Re: how to put packages on hold -- permanently

On Wed,30.Dec.09, 03:32:02, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> Robert David put forth on 12/29/2009 5:20 PM:
> > I dont understand why so many people today use pure apt-get for everyday 
> > package management.
> I started using aptitude after upgrading from Etch to Lenny.  I now use it
> exclusively instead of apt-*.  It's much more powerful and user friendly, and
> the package search function returns more relevant and limited results.  For instance
> :/$ aptitude search postf
> :/$ apt-cache search postf
> aptitude only returns packages whose name contains "postf"

Actually I prefer apt-cache for simple searches (use -n if you only want 
package names) because it's faster. aptitude can also search in 
descriptions (although slower than apt-cache), but it really shines if 
you are doing more complex searches.

I prefer to ask dpkg about installed packages, it should know best ;)

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