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de-stunnel possible?

Hello. I have a case when the client software only speaks non-SSL
protocol and wants to access a server that only offer SSL protocol.
Image a case when a sensitive server admin only offer IMAPS access to
the emails where the email software can only talk plain IMAP, a frequent
case in mobile phone IMAP clients. That case is close to my current case.

I imagine a daemon listening on imap port (e.g. of localhost) and upon
hearing a connection, connects to specific IMAPS server, and forward
traffic between both. That kind of daemon should solve my problem.

However googling the Internet I only found stunnel, the software that
does the opposite, listening on imaps port (e.g. of the server) and upon
hearing a connection, connects to specific IMAP server (usually of
localhost) and forward the traffic between.

Is there a tool does de-stunnel thing? Thanks in advance.


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