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Re: Bluetooth connection issue

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 11:36 AM, Girish Kulkarni <girish@athene.org.in> wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to access files on my mobile phone (Nokia 2323) via Bluetooth
> from my laptop (Dell Inspiron 640m) that runs Lenny.  The Bluetooth
> Applet on my GNOME desktop gives me this error message:
>    Couldn't display "obex://[00:25:cf:c8:8e:b3]".
>    Check if the service is available.
> This is puzzling all the more because this connection used to work in
> the past.  Still, I did `aptitude search obex,' only to find that
> things related to obex seem to be in place:
>    girish@marvin:~$ aptitude search obex
>    i   cobex                 - Connector for mobile devices
>    i A gnome-vfs-obexftp     - GNOME VFS module for OBEX FTP
>    i   libobexftp-dev        - object exchange file transfer library
>    v   libopenobex-dev       -
>    i A libopenobex1          - OBEX protocol library
>    i A libopenobex1-dev      - OBEX protocol library - development files
>    i   obex-data-server      - D-Bus service for OBEX client and server side
> funct
>    i   obexfs                - mount filesystem of ObexFTP capable devices
>    i   obexftp               - file transfer utility for devices that use
> the OBEX
>    i   obexpushd             - program for receiving files via Bluetooth or
>    i   openobex-apps         - Applications for OpenOBEX
> What could be going wrong?  (I know this issue has been discuss on
> debian-user before.  Google shows many threads on other forums too.
> But almost all of them suggest little more than installing
> applications from the above list.)

Did you check your log files?


How about installing gnome-bluetooth?
With Regards
Abhishek Amberkar

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