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Re: Debian Etch Install

Johannes Wiedersich put forth on 12/22/2009 4:10 AM:
> Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Kevin Ross put forth on 12/21/2009 2:13 PM:

> All this might be valid statistics, but they are beyond the point. The
> point in this thread is the question from a particular OP who does *not*
> have access to a wired network. *Period*.

No, he said he does, but that it's "inconvenient".  It's also inconvenient to
install from media, then immediately turn around, change apt sources to the
mirrors, and download all the security updates since the CD/DVD was pressed.
One must choose one's inconvenience, I guess.

> [snip]
>> As for the embedded stuff like arm, those aren't user PCs, so they don't count
>> in this thread. 
> Why not?
> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/touchbook/
> This looks like a consumer PC, at least to me.

Yep, sure does.  However it's not in the class of Linux running ARM devices I
was describing is it?  It's a statistical exception to the rule.  I love your
creative cut/quote of my statements, eliminating the context.  I clearly stated
what I was talking about.  And in that context, of every 10 million or so ARM
devices running Linux, one is a consumer note/net-book type device.  The rest
are various consumer routers, cable/dsl modems, industrial machine controllers,
laser printer brains, etc.  And one is not going to be installing Debian on such
things, via local media or net install.  That was the point, which either you
missed, or felt like pointlessly arguing about.

> Which wireless is fully supported by debian and free software? I don't
> think there is *any* on the planet that works without proprietary,
> binary non-free code.

There you go again.  Mangling context, and now attributing inferred statements
to me that I did not make.  Quote me stating "GPL" or "open source" driver
anywhere in my previous posts.  I didn't.  My statement was something to the
effect of "buy a wireless card that is supported by the Debian installer
kernel".  Do I need to somehow explain that further?  It seems pretty darn
clear.  The installer kernel has a finite number of wireless device modules.  If
one's device uses one of those drivers, you can do a wireless net install.  My
statement had nothing to do with open or closed source drivers.  Why are you
trying to beat me over the head with a statement I did not make?


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