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Re: Debian Etch Install

Dne, 20. 12. 2009 22:35:26 je Stan Hoeppner napisal(a):

To be completely honest, I can't understand for the life of me why anyone would
install any Linux distro from local media these days.

For example, if you have an unsupported wireless card, while at the same time wireless is the only connectivity available at your location/work/home. It's my situation, precisely: I have no less than TWO unsupported wifi cards on (both) my computers at home. A Belkin that will only work via ndiswrapper, and a Broadcom 4328 that will *only* work with the proprietary Broadcom driver. I have found the hard way that downloading only the first Debian DVD wasn't enough -- I think both ndiswrapper (for my Belkin card) and the compiling environment (for the Broadcom one) were missing, although I may be wrong here, it was some time ago I did that. I suspect the net install is even more stripped down?

Long live the net install.

I agree completely, with one addition: for those who can afford a net install.


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