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Re: Debian Etch Install

El lun, 21-12-2009 a las 12:45 +0100, Klistvud escribió:
> Dne, 20. 12. 2009 22:35:26 je Stan Hoeppner napisal(a):
> > 
> > To be completely honest, I can't understand for the life of me why  
> > anyone would
> > install any Linux distro from local media these days.
> For example, if you have an unsupported wireless card, while at the  
> same time wireless is the only connectivity available at your  
> location/work/home. It's my situation, precisely: I have no less than  
> TWO unsupported wifi cards on (both) my computers at home. A Belkin  
> that will only work via ndiswrapper, and a Broadcom 4328 that will  
> *only* work with the proprietary Broadcom driver. I have found the hard  
> way that downloading only the first Debian DVD wasn't enough  -- I  
> think both ndiswrapper (for my Belkin card) and the compiling  
> environment (for the Broadcom one) were missing, although I may be  
> wrong here, it was some time ago I did that. I suspect the net install  
> is even more stripped down?

It could be resolved, if the net-install installed the base system
first , and then configuring the net; as it was in Sarge; in this case,
one could buy an unexpensive wireless card; another thing is that
apparently there are some cards that are not in need of install
firmware, but can not be configured by the net-install, as rtl-8187L and
ralink-rt73, because, they are not identified, and wireless-tools are
useless at that moment.

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