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Re: Laptop won't resume from suspend to ram

Sudev Barar wrote:
2009/12/16 Adriano Vilela Barbosa <adriano.vilela@yahoo.com>:
I'm facing a very annoying problem with Debian testing on my laptop since this past weekend. Basically, the machine won't resume from a suspend to ram (resuming from suspend to disk works fine). It's not just a problem with a blank screen upon resuming; the machine actually gets completely frozen. I can hear the hard disk spinning though. I suspected it could be something to do with the wireless card (as the wireless LED doesn't come on when resuming), so I tried shutting down the network interface and unloading all kernel modules before putting the machine to sleep, but that didn't help. I tried kernels 2.6.30, 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 (the last two from Debian sid) with no luck. Furthermore, I suspect this problem is related to some package upgrade over the last few days, since everything was working just fine until last Friday or Saturday.

Shot in the dark but may help. Something similar happened when I did a
new install last year on a laptop. Curiously the problem disappeared
when I did a re-install. The only difference was that second time
around I had swap equal/more than RAM. I did not really get down to
investigate real cause.

Hi Adriano,

Can you refer to us more info about your laptop hardware?

Sleep/Suspend is diferent from Hibernate. As Barar refers for hibernate on linux laptops you must have at least SWAP space equal to RAM size (recomended), depending on your machine resources demand. Sleep/Suspend problems starts with acpi daemon, energy save mode for hard disk, wake up on lan and acpi kernel interface, maybe tunned on grub kernel boot options.


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