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Re: Re: Laptop won't resume from suspend to ram

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From: Adriano Vilela Barbosa <adriano.vilela@gmail.com>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Sent: Thu, December 17, 2009 5:00:54 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Laptop won't resume from suspend to ram

> SudevBarar wrote:
> Hi Adriano,
> Can you refer to us more info about your laptop hardware?
> Sleep/Suspend is diferent from Hibernate.  As Barar refers for hibernate on
> linux laptops you must have at least SWAP space equal to RAM size
> (recomended), depending on your machine resources demand.  Sleep/Suspend
> problems starts with acpi daemon, energy save mode for hard disk, wake up on
> lan and acpi kernel interface, maybe tunned on grub kernel boot options.
> Olaf

Hi Olaf,

Please, find attached the output of the command "lspci -v" for my laptop. As suggested by Michael Biebl, I took a look at the file /var/log/dpkg.log and noticed that some udev and hal related packages were upgraded over this past weekend. I suspect some of these upgrades broke things up (or exposed some previously hidden bug). I'll try and see if I can make any progress on that this weekend.

Thanks a lot,


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