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Re: Will Debian accept a SATA to IDE hdd adapter?

Mark wrote:

>>On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Stefan Monnier
>><monnier@iro.umontreal.ca>wrote: Agreed, in case you have a choice, go for
>>the SATA controller. OTOH, I use one of those frankenstein adapters in a
>>small box (wl700ge home router) where the SATA controller is not an
>>option, and it works just great for that.
> Well, the Frankenstein adapters don't work.  hdd isn't recognized by BIOS
> no matter what configuration I use, even when it's the only hdd in the
> computer
> and I use Master or Cable Select.  Sad I bought 2 of them and neither
> works
> with the circa year 2000 HP desktop.  I can't use the PCI adapter unless
> it also has SATA power as my mobo doesn't have SATA power and my drives
> don't have the standard 4-prong power adapter.
> Hmmm guess I'm stuck unless I'm missing something obvious.
> Mark

Hi, I'm using my old ide drives in pretty modern pc that has only sata. I
both first one SATA-IDE adapter for about 5€ but then noticed that it was
exactly the opposite I needed. Then I saw that there was IDE-SATA for about
30€.  I bought this one and it worked, so could it be in your case, that
you've got the wrong adapter? The problem is that SATA/IDE slots look the
same on both ends, so mistakes are preprogrammed.
If not then I would guess it is a bios issue. In the latter case no one can


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