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Re: How to move an OS install from one primary partition to another?

Dotan Cohen:
> A fellow student has Debian and Windows 7 on his laptop. I installed
> Windows first so that the Debian installer could configure grub
> properly, but after installing and setting up the system (which
> required a trip to the faculty technical support to set up printing
> and MatLab in Windows, not something that I want to repeat in the near
> future) I discovered that I had accidentally installed Windows to the
> wrong partition. Can I use the Debian disk to move Windows to a new
> partition?

That in itself shouldn't be a problem. You could just copy the files
(using ntfs-3g), use dd or some other method. But your problem will be
that Windows won't find itself in the expected place anymore. Off the
top of my head, I only know of C:\boot.ini which must be adapted, but I
don't even know whether Windows 7 still uses this file.

Google shoud help, though:

Feel free to share the approach that worked for you. :)

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