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Re: VirtualBox or VMware?

On Sat November 28 2009, Mark Allums wrote:
> 3.0.6 is the third update.  (Goes by even numbers.)  The sixth update is
> 3.0.12.
> I didn't say it was perfect.  I said I use it.

I use VirtualBox ( now 3.0.12 ) on my Lenny desktop, for testing other 
distros.. very rarely do I ever have a problem installing anything. Right now 
I just have Ubuntu Koala-9.10 and Pc-Bsd 7.1.1 . I did have some problems 
trying to install freebsd 8.0, but it was more a freebsd issue than a 
VirtualBox issue.

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459

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