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Is Squeeze right for me?

I have several years of experience with Ubuntu, but I have never looked
inside. I'm just a pointy-clicky desktop user. How things work has
never been of interest to me except when they don't work. Even then I
just learn enough to fix the problem and go back to living.

However, several Linux friends have suggested it's time for me to move
on. According to the advice I receive I no longer need the Ubuntu
training wheels and I would be better served by going to a less
newbie-oriented distro. Perhaps they are right, but I grew up with
Synaptic and .deb files, and I really don't want to leave the Debian
world. Therefore, this morning I installed testing on a new hard disk,
leaving my old Ubuntu hard disk untouched so I can always go back to it.

Having spent just a day in testing I am not happy with the quantity of
bugs. Yes, I know it is called "testing" for a reason. And I am happy
to do my part to help fix problems. Yet I need a computer that I can
use for real work. But at the same time I want the latest and greatest.
I need OOo 3.1 and Scribus and the most recent versions of
several other apps that I live in all day long. The stable versions of
Debian are not sufficiently cutting edge for me. Or have I
misunderstood that?

The local Linux friends who thought I should move on from Ubuntu
suggested testing as the closest in the Debian world to the Ubuntu way
of doing things. After today I am thinking they were wrong. 

I need advice.

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