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Re: what's your favourite FLOSS?

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 06:31:33 am Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Allen <GedankeZauberer@comcast.net> wrote:
> > And YAST2 is probably the best system tool ever done.
> Hmm, Yast made me want to hurt small things the last (and first) time I
> used it. I'm increasingly wondering that this might have been a
> fault at my end, since a lot of people seem to like it now. Has it
> improved drastically over the past six or so years?

Well, the first time I saw Yast2 was in SUSE Linux 8.1 Professional. It was 
good but it did have a few things that didn't seem to be what it should have 
been, and since I was buddies with Marcus Meissner, I told him. He's the head 
of SUSE Security, and when 8.2 Professional came out, I bought it right away, 
backed up everything, and did a fresh install. See the only machine I had at 
the time was the one that is now my server, a little Pentium 3 733 MHz 
processor with 384 MBs RAM, and I didn't have anything else. But it worked 
REALLY well on it. All the things in Yast2 seemed fixed in 8.2 Professional, 
and I really liked it. I had uptime of 205 days on that release, and this is 
consodering that I did EVERYTHING on that machine. Imagine that old hardware 
being used daily as a desktop, having SSH, FTP, and Web services running for 
friends, and like 4 email clients loaded all at once, and firefox and 
Netscape all being loaded with like literally 12 tabs in each open, and then 
on top of that XMMS and Gaim and, well, let's just say I had KDE with 5 
Virtual Desktops, and all of them were LOADED with stuff because I did a lot 
with that machine. All the while a movie was playing, and no lag, and 205 
days of uptime.

I still remember when a Kernel update had broken my Nvidia driver and Marcus 
went back to the office to fix it and released a new one for me.

Yast2 was REALLY nice. Even now, the new versions are nicely made, and the 
thing has that ability to show you what it's doing. Like Mandriva for 
example, if you set up a Firewall, it doesn't show you what commands it ran 
to do it, but Yast2 does. you can see exactly what IPTables it typed out for 
you. And of course Novell GPLd it.

> > > > web browser: Opera, Elinks, Links, Lynx, Netscape when it was
> > > > around.... Seamonkey
> > >
> > > Opera and Netscape should have gone to non-free
> >
> > Opera isn't listed on the Debian.org package list, and I think I
> > found a .deb package for it, but I don't even remember where. But it
> > wasn't on the install CDs, and wasn't on their servers. I love Opera
> > though, it's fast and nice. Can't stand Firefox.
> Opera do have a repository of .deb packages for *buntu, and I'm pretty
> sure they do a Debian one. You can certainly download .debs of it from
> their site.
> Every few months I decide Opera's amazing and switch back to it, then
> remember how badly I get along with the search-from-the-address-bar
> thing.
> > I know, Seamonkey isn't Firefox though. Seamonkey is it's own thing.
> > Firefox is a slow VERY laggy bloated browser. Seamonkey is what they
> > probably think of when they write the brochures for their firefox
> > crap since Seamonkey isn't slow and actually looks nice and works
> > well. Seamonkey works way better for me, but making it work on
> > anything isn't exactly a walk in the park since the only distro I
> > have that actually includes it is Slackware.
> There was an announcement to the effect of a new Seamonkey release
> a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, from what I gather (through very
> limited research) it looks to be Thunderbird + Firefox rather than a
> progression of the goodness that is Seamonkey.

Yea, I haven't actually used the new version yet, I'm still using the one that 
shipped with Slackware 13.0, and I still love it. Firefox used to be an OK 
browser until they started goin on and on about how good it was and everyone 
started using it. Then they wanted all the features they could cram into it 
on there, and bloated it like a PMSing feminazi, and that's basically a 
description of what Firefox is now.... They really should concentrate more on 
Seamonkey. ;)

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