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Re: What's best way to use Debian w/o my laptop? Flash + union?

Stefan Monnier wrote:

I also like to do that, but many of my machines seem to not support it,
or at least I haven't been able to use it on many of my machines, even
though they appear to support it.
What are those good guides on how to set it up for Debian?

wiki.debian.org/WakeOnLan was all I needed. man ethtool is worth reading too.
No, those etherwake packets are not IP packets, they're "raw" ethernet
packets and are hence not routable over the internet: you can only send
them from a machine on the same physical ethernet network.
I agree. But there are other tools that send the magic packet as UDP. That way you can send the packet to a local subnet broadcast address and still have the machine wake up.
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