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Re: What's best way to use Debian w/o my laptop? Flash + union?

> Hello.  You do not have to leave your laptop running if it has
> wake-on-LAN. To check if your laptop supports this, check your BIOS
> for settings such as "wake-on-lan", "wake-on-ethernet", "wol", etc.
> You can then start your laptop with etherwake or a similar program.
> There are many good guides on how to set up WOL on Debian.  This is
> how I turn on my backup server, which is an old desktop.

I also like to do that, but many of my machines seem to not support it,
or at least I haven't been able to use it on many of my machines, even
though they appear to support it.
What are those good guides on how to set it up for Debian?

> I just log into my router and do "etherwake
> xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"  (the xs are the mac address).  I believe that you can do it
> from the Internet and avoid logging into an intermediary too. 

No, those etherwake packets are not IP packets, they're "raw" ethernet
packets and are hence not routable over the internet: you can only send
them from a machine on the same physical ethernet network.


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