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Re: What's best way to use Debian w/o my laptop? Flash + union?

godo wrote:
> Personally, I would bought aluminium suitcase with sponge inside.
> If you don't care if it is fancy go to some tool shop it will be much
> cheaper (and better quality).
> If in your country are "Bauhaus" shop you can find it for cca $50.

Sliding a bit off topic, but I also ride everywhere. My Timbuk2
messenger bag rocks. Rain/waterproof if closed properly, and the pad for
the laptop is nearly .5 inch/ 1.27 centimeters thick. There are a few
picture floating around showing what they look like surviving a few good
wipe-outs. The only side that isn't protected would be the top where it
slides in, and this being against my back, would make it difficult to

But I also like a lot of the ideas being passed around.

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