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Re: Does everything depend on everything?

On Saturday 31 October 2009 12:55:36 Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Micha wrote:
> > On 31/10/2009 16:06, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> >> I've been running 'lenny' on my workstations for some
> >> time and it works great.
> >
> > I also know people who still run windows 98 and it works great, it
> > doesn't mean that it's the right desktop solution
> As I wrote, your mileage may vary and there can be valid reasons to use
> testing or sid on workstations. One of the is that the next stable
> version of workstation software will benefit from a larger number of
> testers.
> However, your claim that 'stable is not a right desktop solution' is an
> offence against our developers and the security team who put a lot of
> work and effort in releasing stable versions of gnome, kde, iceweasel to
> name a few -- and then continue their efforts and work on security
> updates for those workstation packages.


> BTW, did I mention that lenny works great as a desktop system?

I agree, mostly.  I wanted to try out the latest-and-greatest KDE 4.2, so I've 
pulled them from the Squeeze repositories, but current stable is actually very 
good for desktop use.

Running Squeeze (and especially Sid) requires more knowledge than running 
Lenny, and (for me) the advantages are not that great.  Even fairly severe 
bugs in testing don't get always fixed until trickle-down from unstable, which 
means you'll want to run a mixed system anyway.  Either that or run pure 
unstable and have to fight dependencies during each transition (many of which 
happen during a release cycle).

By the time you have enough knowledge to run a mixed system and/or fight those 
dependencies, you might as well run stable for most software, which occasional 
installs out of testing/unstable/experimental for the new features you need or 
development you are following.

I recommend Debian stable for a computer you want to use for work or play, 
desktop or otherwise.  If you want to experiment with Debian, or if you just 
can't be satisfied with the software in the latest release, I recommend a 
fully-mixed system <http://iguanasuicide.net/node/4>.
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