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Re: Help needed in getting WiFi working with Debian

Dne, 01. 11. 2009 19:31:50 je Foss User napisal(a):
> 5. Right clicked the network icon in gnome panel and selected Edit
> Connections, went to Wireless tab and clicked Add. Entered SSID,
> selected Mode as Infrastructure, left the BSSID field blank, copied
> MAC address from the output of ifconfig wlan0, left MTU to
> 'Automatic'.
> 6. Next went to 'Wireless Security' tab, selected 'WPA & WPA2
> personal' and entered the WPA2 key I previously configured in the
> wireless router.
> On pressing 'Apply' button, it automatically started connecting and
> successfully connected.
> I have a question to the experts though. In step 5 and 6, I had to
> manually configure wlan0. However, I never had to do such
> configuration for eth1 when I was using Ethernet. Why so?

Because you should have LEFT-clicked the network icon instead of right-
clicking it. From there, you should have simply selected the right 
ESSID and followed the prompts ... Sometimes, things are simpler than 
we think.


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