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Re: How to create *.deb binary package using source code?

shampavman wrote:
surreal wrote:
I have got source code of a program in *.tar.gz format.

I want to create a debian binary package which includes documentation, binary executable, manual etc.

Any place where I can get some help?

Please help...

Harshad Joshi

This is how you do it...
For assumption , lets say your tar.gz is called Helloworld.tar.gz.

1. install dh-make as well..
2. Create a dir called Helloworld...(ensure that the name of the dir is the name of the pkg 'minus' tar.gz (This is how it should be...)
slight correction....
3. The use dh-make to start off creating a pkg...
the command is dh_make

These are very basic steps that you need to know to start it off..
a good guide can be found here,
If any pro can advice you better pls take it..
But Im very sure these are the basic steps.. You can learn more about packaging from that link....

PS: From one newbie to another...
Best way= dive first then you will learn how to swim...

Shampavman c.g

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