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PPP / ADSL / demand / GUI prompt question

stephen2eq@yahoo.com put forth on 11/1/2009 3:19 AM:

> No not absolutely sure, I just assumed that was what was being used as I get different IP addresses every time I connect.  I am pretty sure pppd IS working, which from what you write suggests I am not using DHCP.  However I vaguely remember that when I was getting the link to work I read that I was using something called pppoa rather than pppoe, and indeed putting the following line in my /etc/ppp/peers/provider file was important to getting the link working:
>   plugin pppoatm.so 0.38


Again, DHCP != dynamic IP address allocation.  It is merely one of many
protocols that accomplishes dynamic IP address allocation.  By saying
"DHCP" for all dynamic IP allocations, you're in essence doing what my
father does when he uses "DSL" to refer to cable modem, satellite, and
FIOS.  He just can't grasp the difference (or just doesn't care).  If
it's high speed internet, to him, then it's "DSL"...

He's 72, so I guess you just can't teach some old dogs new tricks.


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