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daylight savings / time zone issue

Sven Joachim put forth on 11/1/2009 2:33 AM:
> On 2009-11-01 09:16 +0100, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Hay, um, I was sitting here watching the clocks, and my Lenny install
>> didn't jump back an hour at 2am.  It's still counting up in the 2
>> o'clock hour.  2:12am at present.  Shouldn't it have fallen back to
>> 1:00am when the clock hit 2:00am?
> I'm not sure whether this is supposed to happen at 2:00am DST or at
> 2:00am without DST correction.  Please wait until 3:00am.
> Sven

It appears to be correct now.  One question though... shouldn't my
hwclock be set to UTC, which in my case would be 6 hours difference?
Below shows only one hour...

greer:/# date
Sun Nov  1 03:32:06 CST 2009
greer:/# hwclock
Sun Nov  1 04:32:10 2009  -0.917266 seconds

I'm confused...


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