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Re: PPP / ADSL / demand / GUI prompt question

> Well, another, quite intuitive way of achieving what you want would be 
> to write a script to launch Iceweasel

Good idea, should have thought of that myself.  On reflection though, although my guests will only want to use iceweasel, I occasionally use other internet programs such as ftp, filezilla and even telnet and ping, so that would still not be as useful as demand dialling, or being connected all the time as you later suggest.

Kevin Ross:
> Are you absolutely sure of that?.ISP's mainly use two different methods of
> assigning IP addresses to their customers.  DHCP or PPPoE.  If your ISP uses
> PPPoE, then you need to use pppd with a PPPoE plugin.  If they use DHCP,
> then you don't use pppd at all.  You just use a DHCP client on your
> machiine.  Using pppd won't work at all.

No not absolutely sure, I just assumed that was what was being used as I get different IP addresses every time I connect.  I am pretty sure pppd IS working, which from what you write suggests I am not using DHCP.  However I vaguely remember that when I was getting the link to work I read that I was using something called pppoa rather than pppoe, and indeed putting the following line in my /etc/ppp/peers/provider file was important to getting the link working:

  plugin pppoatm.so 0.38

(My provider is Tiscali in the U.K.)

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