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Re: gtk2 environment, what controls it?

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 21:24:14 -0600, green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com>
> vr wrote at 2009-10-22 23:23 -0600:
>> Before the upgrade I was able to associate file types, jpg, , etc.,
>> default applications like qiv and then double click on a JPG to view
>> file. Same with pdf, mpg, etc. Now when I double-click I get the X
>> watch for a moment and then nothing. 
> Not GTK I think, but MIME.  Notice that pcmanfm depends on the
> shared-mime-info 
> package.
> You can find a particular file's MIME type with the file command and -i
> option.
> You might try the mimeopen and mimeview commands (from
> libfile-mimeinfo-perl 
> and mailutils, respectively) and their man pages.
> Perhaps someone else will help you past here; I know little about MIME.

Tanks for the ideas, I'm still stuck....

I've reinstalled everything with mime* or gtk* in the package name
(aptitude reinstall <package>) and am still having trouble "launching"
types. I also logged on as user root to see if it was my profile but root
has the same symptoms. So I created a new user and verified it with them

In pcmanfm the "type" is listed as "executable" when the file is chmod
700. When the file is double clicked the wait-watch is displayed briefly
and nothing happens. If the file is chmod 600, pcmanfm brings up the
"Choose an Application" dialog. Does anyone know how this list is

In pcmanfm there's also the option to right click on a file and "open
with..." and when I check the box to always open, for example MP3, with
Audacious2, it does not retain the association. Doing this a couple times
shows Audacious2 in the menu more than once. I cannot find where these
lists are stored and have grepped recursively through $HOME (grep -r -i
audacious *) with no results.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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