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gtk2 environment, what controls it?

I'm currently using openbox and I've been using an app called PCMan File
Manager which was working well up until a recent aptitude dist-upgrade.

Before the upgrade I was able to associate file types, jpg, , etc., with
default applications like qiv and then double click on a JPG to view the
file. Same with pdf, mpg, etc. Now when I double-click I get the X wrist
watch for a moment and then nothing. 

Top shows Xorg move up the list breifly but no 'launch' of the viewer.

I tried to re-associate some extensions but get the same no launch

I tried to dig through ~/.config and find pcmanfm's config then blow it
away but this didn't not resolve the issue when that config was recreated
on next launch.

I tried to aptitude purge pcmanfm then reinstalled pcmanfm which also did
not resolve the no launch.

I'm thinking there is a gtk configurator tool or something gtk-ish
somewhere that I need to look at closer but have no idea what it's called.
I've poked around the gtk project pages and have not been able to
understand how their stuff would tie in to GUI apps to point me in a
forward direction. Am I possibly on the right track? Is there a gtk profile
or settings somewhere that can be reset or weeded through?

I'm pretty stuck at the moment so thanks in advance for any replies!

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