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Re: Restricting Internet Access

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 14:52:42 David Baron wrote:
> On Sunday 18 October 2009 18:41:09 David Baron wrote:
> > As undemocratic at it seems, sometimes it is necessary from some logins
> > not to be able to access internet browsing and such.
> >
> > How might one set this up?
> The suggestion was made to use iptables, gui-owner --> drop.
> Iptables is "configured" at boot time, but this is not where it gets set
> up. I use the kde3 program guarddog. Its rule set gets set into iptables on
> ifup. I would need to add a rule there as well.
> Listing the rules yields a long, marginally comprehensible mess,
> Question would be: What rule to add? How it relates to all the others. I do
> not really understand much of iptables.

These may help:

You might also want to hit up TLDP.org and you local manpages.  Iptables is 
somewhat complex, but it is probably also one of the best documented sections 
of Linux administration.

I can't help you with guarddog.  I write my iptables rules by hand so they 
remain understandable.  I can't stand the trash that most iptables rules 
generators produce.  (Shorewall, I'm looking at you.)
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