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Re: gtk2 environment, what controls it?

vr wrote at 2009-10-22 23:23 -0600:
> Before the upgrade I was able to associate file types, jpg, , etc., with
> default applications like qiv and then double click on a JPG to view the
> file. Same with pdf, mpg, etc. Now when I double-click I get the X wrist
> watch for a moment and then nothing. 

Not GTK I think, but MIME.  Notice that pcmanfm depends on the shared-mime-info 

You can find a particular file's MIME type with the file command and -i option.

You might try the mimeopen and mimeview commands (from libfile-mimeinfo-perl 
and mailutils, respectively) and their man pages.

Perhaps someone else will help you past here; I know little about MIME.

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