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Re: HP G60-249WM Notebook overheats (on lenny)

Dne, 24. 10. 2009 05:40:01 je Brian C. Wells napisal(a):
> On Fri, 2009-10-23 at 21:15 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > > evidence that the CPU's temperature is increasing to dangerous
> levels
> > > (>95 deg. Celsius).  As soon as I start a game, it rises, and as
> soon as
> > > I stop it it falls.
> > 
> > Sounds like a hardware problem; most likely a fan problem: either
> it's
> > clogged, or it's broken, or something.
> > 
> > 
> >         Stefan
> > 
> > 
> I don't -think- it's a fan problem.  It seems to be blowing plenty of
> hot air out, and I can't see or blow out any obvious clogs w/o 
> opening
> the case.  To me, it seems more like a design defect; this laptop has
> had this kind of problem ever since I got it, which wasn't long ago.
> Like you say, it's probably a hardware problem, but HP might say it's
> all Linux's fault for not using some proprietary interface.  (Then
> again, I haven't asked them.  They might agree with you.)
> In any case, thanks for reminding me to check the fan more closely.
> Brian
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IMHE, many HP laptops suffer from the same syndrome (just look up some 
previous messages on this very same list). Apparently, there are some 
aggressive powersaving quirks/tricks which are not yet present in 
Linux, but are implemented in Windows. I suspect some industry secrets 
only get revealed through closed agreements, and never released to the 
FLOSS community. My HP laptop, for example, *never once* overheated in 
the few months it had Windows XP on. The other factor (besides these 
quirks) must be some runaway and/or underoptimized applications in 
Linux. Currently, I'm facing severe overheating problems in Lenny on 
account of xulrunner-stub, whose CPU usage frequently jumps up to 60 or 
70%, quickly heating up my laptop.

My advice for your particular situation would be the following:
1) I vaguely recall hearing of a Nvidia-specific package for fine-
tuning certain parameters of the Nvidia driver. It's probably related 
to the proprietary Nvidia driver and it might not even be obtainable in 
the Debian repositories, but it might potentially aid you in the issue 
at hand; so, as always, Google is your best friend;
2) Facing the same problem, I made a script to toggle the powersave/
ondemand CPU governors, so every time xulrunner-stub goes berserk, I 
press Fn-F11 (which I bound to the script) and my CPU frequency goes 
from 2 GHz to 800 MHz, cooling down the laptop in no time;
3) I've also found out that nothing helps as much as regular cleaning 
all the orifices of my laptop with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner.
4) And, yes, *no two* graphics drivers behave the same with regard to 
overheating; IMHE, the proprietary fglrx ATI drivers have less 
overheating problems than the radeon and the vesa/framebuffer drivers.

There, my 2 euro cents (as a matter of fact, is there a key combination 
for obtaining the euro cent sign, as there is AltGr-E for €?)

Good luck,

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