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Re: HP G60-249WM Notebook overheats (on lenny)

On Sat, 2009-10-24 at 10:35 +0200, Klistvud wrote: 
> Dne, 24. 10. 2009 05:40:01 je Brian C. Wells napisal(a):
> > On Fri, 2009-10-23 at 21:15 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > > > evidence that the CPU's temperature is increasing to dangerous
> > levels
> > > > (>95 deg. Celsius).  As soon as I start a game, it rises, and as
> > soon as
> > > > I stop it it falls.
> > I don't -think- it's a fan problem.  It seems to be blowing plenty of
> > hot air out, and I can't see or blow out any obvious clogs [...]

> > Like you say, it's probably a hardware problem, but HP might say it's
> > all Linux's fault for not using some proprietary interface.  (Then
> > again, I haven't asked them.  They might agree with you.)
> > 

> IMHE, many HP laptops suffer from the same syndrome (just look up some 
> previous messages on this very same list).

I see you were having even worse problems with this.  :(

> Apparently, there are some 
> aggressive powersaving quirks/tricks which are not yet present in 
> Linux, but are implemented in Windows. I suspect some industry secrets 
> only get revealed through closed agreements, and never released to the 
> FLOSS community.

I had the same kind of suspicion.

> My HP laptop, for example, *never once* overheated in 
> the few months it had Windows XP on.

This laptop came with Vista installed, but I immediately replaced it
with Debian.  So I don't have a Windows trial period to compare with.

> The other factor (besides these 
> quirks) must be some runaway and/or underoptimized applications in 
> Linux. Currently, I'm facing severe overheating problems in Lenny on 
> account of xulrunner-stub, whose CPU usage frequently jumps up to 60 or 
> 70%, quickly heating up my laptop.

When I run glchess on my computer, the gnuchess engine actually goes to
100% (according to top), and the temperature goes up quite quickly.
sauerbraten only seems to need 60% or so, and doesn't overheat as
quickly (probably because the GPU is doing the graphics acceleration).

> My advice for your particular situation would be the following:
> 1) I vaguely recall hearing of a Nvidia-specific package for fine-
> tuning certain parameters of the Nvidia driver. It's probably related 
> to the proprietary Nvidia driver and it might not even be obtainable in 
> the Debian repositories, but it might potentially aid you in the issue 
> at hand; so, as always, Google is your best friend;

The package is called nvidia-settings, in the contrib section, and I
already have it installed.  But I don't know which settings, if any,
might help in this situation.

> 2) Facing the same problem, I made a script to toggle the powersave/
> ondemand CPU governors, so every time xulrunner-stub goes berserk, I 
> press Fn-F11 (which I bound to the script) and my CPU frequency goes 
> from 2 GHz to 800 MHz, cooling down the laptop in no time;

Wow.  Except for the part about writing a script, I have no idea about
how to do that.  Can you attach a copy of your script to the email (and
does Debian's list server forward attachments?) or can you upload the
script to a pastebin website or something?  That would at least give me
an idea of what commands I would need to use.

> 3) I've also found out that nothing helps as much as regular cleaning 
> all the orifices of my laptop with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner.

I'll definitely give that a try, like the earlier post suggested.  An
"industrial-grade vacuum cleaner" sounds like a floor-cleaning model,
so the same concern comes to mind about particles in the vacuum, though.

> 4) And, yes, *no two* graphics drivers behave the same with regard to 
> overheating; IMHE, the proprietary fglrx ATI drivers have less 
> overheating problems than the radeon and the vesa/framebuffer drivers.

Hmm.  Maybe they have some of that secret technology you talked about.

> There, my 2 euro cents (as a matter of fact, is there a key combination 
> for obtaining the euro cent sign, as there is AltGr-E for €?)

Wish I could help with that.  Unfortunately, I'm in the US, where we know
very little about AltGr keys (or their combinations).

> -- 
> Good luck,
> Klistvud
> Certifiable Loonix User #481801


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