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Re: How to uninstall a kernel and *all* of its "dependencies"?

23.10.2009 18:03, Paul E Condon kirjoitti:
> On 20091023_171514, Jari Fredriksson wrote:
>> 23.10.2009 17:03, Pedro Insua kirjoitti:
>>> dpkg -L debian-reference-en
>> I have not this package installed, so says that command. What good does
>> it bring? Documents? I never read documents from my disk, I read them
>> from internet.
>> I have used linuces from 1994, but Debian only maybe 2 years. Should I
>> install it?
> I can think of two good (IMHO) reasons for installing debian documents:
> 1) the documents will be available to you when you are attempting to debug
> a problem that is keeping you from accessing the internet.
> 2) Google gives you a lot of hits that are really badly outdated information.
> Of course all documentation is somewhat outdated, but documentation that is
> delivered as the latest version of a debian package, is maybe less outdated
> than most.
> But, as always, YMMV

Yes, mileage might vary. I have a backup connection in my router if my
ADSL fails, and if that also fails, I have a backup backup connection in
my Windows workstation using cellphone 3G.

I have not deleted any documentition from my Debian server yet, but I do
not know what might have creaped to there, and how to remove it
properly. Many packages to include documentation, and some kind of
'removealldocs' command would be cool for me ;)


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