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Re: How to uninstall a kernel and *all* of its "dependencies"?

Klistvud wrote:
Howdie, fellow Debianites!

My daily question for today:

this morning, another kernel update was proposed to me by the Gnome update applet. As I already have three kernels on my Lenny system (the 2.6.26-1-amd64 and 2.6.26-2-amd64, as well as a a backported 2.6.30- bpo.2-amd64), my grub startup list is beginning to look a bit clobbered.

How can I go uninstalling some of the unneeded kernels (particularly the backports one which didn't meet my needs in the end) and make sure that *everything* that got installed by their respective packages -- or built against the particular kernel, such as my wireless and graphics modules -- gets uninstalled as well? What is the "Debian way" of finding which packages will be obsoleted by uninstalling a particular kernel, so that I can prevent cruft from building up?

And ... ehm ... yes, well, I admit, I'm using Synaptics ...

As a new user of Debian you would be well advised to install the debian-reference package. Most, if not all, of your questions are addressed in that package. I find it useful after 15+ years of running Debian.

Of course, YMMV


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