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Re: Grub2 not setting the vga= on one of 3 partitions

Tom H wrote:
> Wayne wrote:
>> Tom H wrote:
>>> Wayne wrote:
>>>> I finally have grub 2 installed. Whew.  It works for testing but, does
>>>> not
>>>> set the vga=31B on the stable entry.
>>>> The grub2 docs are, to say the least, sparce, and do not seem to have a
>>>> solution to this problem.
>>>> I have looked for a file that I could edit to fix this but come up empty.
>>>>  Anyone know where I can find it?
>>>> Anyone have a pointer it a fix?
>>> /etc/default/grub
>> Which I believe would make that partition, the stable dist, the default.
> "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX" appends entries to the end of the "linux" line
> for normal and recovery modes.
> "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" appends entries to the end of the "linux"
> line for normal mode only.
> Nothing to do with setting default kernel.
Right!   The examples I found confirm that.  They don't set the vga= either.


The is the most common setting.  Others have a theme in addition to the



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