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Re: Lenny upgrade broke dvi on Matrox G550

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 06:37:17PM +0300, Pasi Oja-Nisula wrote:
> But I can't find whether I still need the hal library or should
> mga driver support dvi. I have this mga_hal_drv.so which 
> I think was needed before.

Replying to myself here. Yes, I do need the hal library. And in addition
the mga driver needs to be compatible with that. I'm not sure, but
maybe both need to be the official Matrox drivers. Anyway the trick
was to copy both files (mga_drv.so and mga_hal_drv.so) from working
Etch installation. Now xorg.log shows that it loads mga_hal also and
dvi works like it did previously.


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