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Re: virtualbox: Install from backup DVD HP Pavilion

Quoth Greg Madden at 2009-10-18 07:44...
> i prefer vm's to dual boot myself.

Amen to that!

Rebooting to test in Windows was such a nuisance for me that I actually
went and PAID for a copy of VMware Workstation.  Whilst VirtualBox has
now reached a reasonable level of maturity, I don't regret my purchase.

All from the comfort of my regular Debian/Fluxbox desktop, I can have XP
Home, NT4, Win98, DOS6.22, FreeBSD booted and on my second monitor
(actually my laptop display) in seconds.  No way would I ever go back -
virtualisation rocks!

Barring the testing in various versions of IE which my work demands,
it's a handy way to run iTunes ;-)



PS - now it only remains for me to get one of my TWO corrupt (legitimate
MSFT) copies of XP Pro to install.

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