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Re: [OT] List policy - [Was: Could you recommend CD/DVD writer program?]

Chris Jones wrote:
On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 07:28:29AM EDT, Mark Allums wrote:

The policy should be changed.

And don't tell me to use some Thunderbird extension of dubious
provenance. I might not use Thunderbird, or I'm on Windows for email


I didn't follow this thread, so I'm not sure what you are referring to,
but are you requesting debian amend their mailing list policy to
accomodate M$ Windows users?


Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. You don't have to be either a genius or a crackpot to be able to come up with reasonable situations where someone might be forced to use Windows for mail. Why should they be made to suffer when everyone in the Wide Green World but Debian does it another, more reasonable way?

Of course, I suspect I know your retort already, from the way you spell Microsoft. Microsoft is somewhat evil, yes, but not all users of their products are. Debian is about freedom, yes? not punishing the poor slobs who are stuck with Exchange (for instance) and have no recourse.

In this, I feel I'm in the majority, here, of people who feel Debian is being a bit unnecessarily stubborn.

If the devs need it set the way it is, with no munging the Reply-to header, then, fine. Let them do that for the devs and maintainers. Compromise a little and set the user list the way users expect it. No reason to necessarily make every list behave exactly the same. Do what's best for each case.

Mark Allums

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