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Re: segmentation fault with NVIDIA 32bit part

On Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 08:45:02AM +0200, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:

> >> >> My quake3 copy is running fine with the 64-bit nvidia drivers.
> > >
> > > Without having the 32bit compatibility libraries installed? I have
> > > quake4 and don't know about quake3, but all games that aren't 64bit
> > > seem to need the 32bit drivers.
> Well, yes. This is what I've installed:
> i   nvidia-glx
> i   nvidia-kernel-2.6.31
> i A nvidia-kernel-common
> i   nvidia-kernel-source
> And looking at the frame rate I must have *some* hardware acceleration.
> Yet, I thought that the opengl support is in separate libraries, and
> that nvidia is just a driver. A program does not use drivers as
> libraries, is it? Don't you need 32 bit versions of either
> libgl1-mesa-dri or libgl1-mesa-glx? Using apt-file, quake3 need a
> libGL.so. I have /usr/lib32/libGL.so from the ia32-libs package.

Well, I don't know exactly how it works. You need a kernel module for
the card, eventually another module for AGP or DRI (or what it was)
depending on your mainboard (I think I have something compiled into
the kernel to support the card) --- but I'm not sure if you still need
that when you have the card in an extended-PCI slot rather than in an
AGP slot.

Besides that, you need some libraries that seem to provide OpenGL
functions --- and that's probably the part relevant for the games: If
they need that, I guess they need those libraries to be 32bit when
they are 32bit and 64bit when they are 64bit because 32bit libraries
don't go together with 64bit applications.

The nivida driver seems to provide it's own libraries that replace the
ones that come from somewhere else (with xorg, I guess).

What's quake3 using? SDL? You could check the quake3 executable to see
what it is (like: file quake3).

Quake4 uses SDL and tries to load libGL.so.1, which it currently can't
because it needs the 32bit version of that.

Anyway, I've seen a forum post on the nvidia website saying that
you're supposed to use the nvidia driver that comes in your
distribution because it's supposed to be better integrated than the
installer provided by nvidia.

So how do I solve the dependency problems with that?

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